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Grief-work. It sounds such a clear and sol­id con­cept, with its con­fi­dent two-part name. But it is flu­id, slip­pery, meta­mor­phic. Some­times it is pas­sive, a wait­ing for time and pain to dis­ap­pear; some­times active, a con­scious atten­tion to death and loss and the loved one; some­times nec­es­sar­i­ly dis­trac­tive […] And you have nev­er done this kind of work before. It is unpaid, and yet not vol­un­tary; it is rig­or­ous, yet there is no over­seer; it is skilled, yet there is no appren­tice­ship. And it is hard to tell whether you are mak­ing progress; or what would help you do so.
[p.104–105, Lev­els of life, Julian Barnes]

en vanavond ging de tele­foon, en het was mijn moed­er, en die heeft een zus, en die heeft een dochter, en die heeft niet langer een echtgenoot…

Ales Krivec |
Ales Krivec |

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