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[7:04 AM] “The rise of soci­al media will be seen as direct­ly cor­re­la­ting to the decli­ne of Wes­tern civi­li­za­ti­on.” (says Scott Gal­lo­way, pro­fes­sor of mar­ke­ting at New York University’s Stern School of Busi­ness) => Think Out­si­de the Box, Jack — new york times

[RT @DorotheaBaur] Strong metap­hor: Big Dick Data pro­jects are „are charac­te­ri­sed by mas­cu­li­ne fan­ta­sies of world domi­na­ti­on. [They] fetis­hi­se lar­ge size and pri­o­ri­ti­se it, along with speed, over qua­li­ty, igno­re con­text and infla­te their tech­ni­cal capa­bi­li­ties“ Ht @vavacolor => Cather­i­ne D’Ignazio: ‘Data is never a raw, truth­ful input – and it is never neutral’

[RT @frankmeeuwsen] “The NSA had built a live, ever-upda­ting soci­al graph of the US.” Met alle video­beel­den, foto’s en met­a­da­ta van tele­foon­ge­sprek­ken van de afge­lo­pen week kun­nen demon­stran­ten het nog wel eens las­tig krij­gen in de nabije toe­komst. => Insi­de the NSA’s Secret Tool for Map­ping Your Soci­al Net­work — wired

[RT @zeynep] Trump and Zuc­ker­berg just had a pho­ne call “descri­bed by both sides as pro­duc­ti­ve.” Mean­w­hi­le, Trump’s “shooting/looting” posts remain up on Facebook. Zuc­ker­berg also made sure to go on Fox News to say he dis­agreed with Twit­ter put­ting a warning on them. => Trump and Zuc­ker­berg sha­re pho­ne call amid soci­al media furor - axi­os