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[RT @rasmus_kleis] “We are dis­ap­poin­ted and stun­ned by Mark’s incom­pre­hen­si­ble expla­na­ti­ons for allo­wing the Trump posts to remain up,” US civil rights lea­ders say. “He refu­ses to ack­now­led­ge how Facebook is faci­li­ta­ting Trump’s call for vio­len­ce against pro­tes­ters”. => Facebook employ­ees revolt over Zuckerberg’s stan­ce on Trump — FD

[RT @LarsDuursma] Lucht­vaart­lob­by: mid­del­ste stoel vrij­la­ten zou lei­den tot ‘dra­ma­ti­sche’ kos­ten­stij­gin­gen EasyJet: bestel nu je #Coro­na­tic­ket voor slechts 30 euro! En hop­pa, back to nor­mal met btw-vrije tic­kets van­af het groot­ste belas­ting­vrije tank­sta­ti­on van Nederland

[RT @lithub] “Demo­cra­cy is always on the line, always at risk—as a way of orga­ni­zing our­sel­ves it is more verb than noun, and wea­kens easi­ly when not used… Today, in Ame­ri­ca, it feels as weak as it ever has.” => The Midd­le of His­to­ry: Rea­dings on Demo­cra­cy, Fas­cism, and the Uncer­tain Spa­ce Bet­ween — lithub