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[7:46 AM] “The Trump cam­paign told Bloom­berg that it valu­ed Snapchat’s young audien­ce, many of whom will be voting for the first time in the 2020 elec­ti­on.” (Trump has more than 1.5 mil­li­on fol­lo­wers on the plat­form) => Snap will stop pro­mo­ting Trump’s account after con­clu­ding his tweets inci­ted vio­len­ce — the verge

[9:58 AM] “Wat is éch­ter? De Liba­ne­se den­ker Nas­sim Nicho­las Taleb waar­schuwt al lan­ger dat het veel mak­ke­lij­ker is om ‘macro­bull­shit’ te ver­ko­pen dan ‘micro­bull­shit’. Bull­shit over loka­le zaken wordt veel snel­ler ont­kracht.”: Kijk uit het raam, niet op het scherm — nrc

[RT @verge] Sig­nal announ­ces new face-blur­ring tool for Android and iOS — the verge

[RT @huibmodderkolk] Chi­na pro­beert onli­ne debat over Ame­ri­kaan­se pro­tes­ten te beïn­vloe­den. ‘It’s the first time we’ve seen Chi­na ful­ly enga­ged in a nar­ra­ti­ve batt­le that doesn’t direct­ly affect Chi­ne­se inte­rests.’ => Rus­sia and Chi­na tar­get U.S. pro­tests on soci­al media — politico

[RT @LaurensVHG] Vol­gens deze onder­zoe­kers is maar liefst een­der­de van de men­sen die over de pro­tes­ten in de US tweet een bot. En dat zijn bij­na altijd far right-bots. Want; ‘ver­sprei­den des­in­fo is onder­deel van de poli­tie­ke stra­te­gie van far right’. => Researchers: Bots are sprea­ding con­spi­ra­cy the­o­ries about #blac­k­li­ves­mat­ter — digi­tal trends

[RT @Nelle_Andrew] Did you know that when Ella Fitz­gerald couldn’t get boo­ked by clubs and TV becau­se she was black, Mari­lyn Mon­roe offe­red to come to a night­club eve­ry night and sit in the front row if they let Ella sing? That’s how you use your pri­vi­le­ge for good. Ella always said after that she never had to play small jazz clubs ever again. She said she real­ly owed Mari­lyn a debt.

[10:19 PM] “Why should we read Moby-Dick? For many, many rea­sons, but most of all the lan­gu­a­ge.” => Why Should We Read Melville’s Moby-Dick? A TED-Ed Ani­ma­ti­on Makes the Case — open culture