Microblogging: Gutenberg was niet de eerste

[RT] @bramvanleuveren: #Did­Y­ou­Know? Johan­nes #Guten­berg wasn’t the inven­tor of mova­­ble-type prin­ting when he first intro­du­ced the tech­no­lo­gy in Euro­pe around 1450. The *first* known mova­ble type was inven­ted more than 350 (!) yrs befo­re Guten­berg by the #Chi­ne­se arti­san Bi Sheng in 990‑1051 AD. Bi Sheng car­ved indi­vi­du­al charac­ters on pie­ces of fine clay. MetalLees ver­der…Micro­blog­ging: Guten­berg was niet de eerste

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