50books – jaar 2015 – vraag 28

Deze blog­post is deel 28 van 49 in de serie 50books — 2015

On a sun­ny Mon­day in June, Mae stop­ped in front of the main door, stan­ding below the logo etched into the glass abo­ve. Though the com­pa­ny was less than six years old, it’s name and logo — a cir­cle sur­roun­ding a knit­ted grid, with a small ‘c’ in the cen­ter — were alrea­dy among the best-known in the world. The­re were over ten thou­sand employ­ees on this, the main cam­pus, but the Cir­cle had offi­ces all over the glo­be, and was hiring hund­reds of gif­ted young minds eve­ry week. It had been vot­ed the world’s most admi­red com­pa­ny four years run­ning.
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